Watercare Ltd
66 Hounslow Road

Tel: 020 8898 1481
Fax: 020 8893 4067


Customer Support
Customer Support

We provide quality water treatment equipment and chemicals, with a commitment to back up and after-sales service.


We provide:

  • Industrial and commercial water softeners

  • Industrial demineralisation plant

  • Industrial and commercial reverse osmosis systems

We are approved representatives for Kinetico Industrial Water Systems

Water Treatment Chemicals

We provide for:

  • Steam raising boilers

  • Evaporative cooling water systems

  • Chilled water systems

  • Heating systems

  • Sanitising/descaling agents

Other products

We provide:

  • Legionella control test kits

  • Boiler water test kits

  • Cooling water test kits

  • Chemical dosing pumps

  • Domestic water softeners*

* Our sister company, Watercare Softeners Ltd, are the UK’s No. 1 dealer for the Kinetico range of water softeners and drinking water systems for the home.

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